Wednesday, June 17, 2009

CW: Revised Clone Trooper Helmet (found)

Clone Troopers the BACKBONE of the Republic, as they are ever loyal and carry out their orders swiftly.

I for one absolutely love the design of the Clone Troopers from the animated series and now they just got better!

With their new helmets sculpts, it truly gives them a more edgy look, from any side you look at it. (Some people still hate it, but what the heck I love it!)

My only concerns with these troopers are their fins above their helmet are a little jaded, but no ones perfect eh?

Here are some pictures of revised helmet trooper with a ball jointed neck, all articulation remains the same: (trust me; the more you look it, the more you will like it)

Here is comparison between the Wave one Clone Trooper & the current revised lid:

Please Share with me if you like the New Clone Trooper Helmet or the version from Wave One? (Answer by clicking the comments button below)

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