Tuesday, June 9, 2009

CW: Clone Trooper & BARC Speeder Bike

Speeder Bike are light weight in design and equipped with a Turbine Engine mounted in the front which is powered by a “repulsors”.

With this Turbine Engine this speeder are able to travel at very fast speeds & high attitudes, thus giving its troopers a greater range, speed & mobility, rather then to patrol by foot.

Not only does the Speeder go fast, they also are fitted with fire power! Two blaster cannons in the front and another two more fitted on the speeder rear.

Troopers that ride these machines are called “BARC”, meaning Biker Advance Recons Commandos.

This Pack however features a clone trooper from the 501st, thus giving the Speeder Bike a blue color markings:


1)As collectors this is the first time we are able to collect these Republic Speeder Bike (also found in the Clone Turbo Tank Pack)and the design looks much more muscular & superior to the Imperial versions.

2)Thing Vehicle also comes with Front & Rear landing gear, this is good cause it will make easy for display.

1)This is rather a minor thing, cause the Speeder Bike is the Main item here, but the markings on the 501st clone is very dark blue compared to the singled charted 501st clones.

Rating: 8/10
Toyshop: eBAY

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