Thursday, June 25, 2009

Collectors I Like: Lee

Here’s a very interesting & creative collector, know as Lee aka “Leecz”.

I said his creative cause he uses Fish Aquariums to house his vehicle and it looks well organized as they are nicely stack on top of each other, really impressive!

And the troopers are also well organized in the IKEA display case.

According to Lee, he first started his collection when he watched “A NEW HOPE” and never looked back.

Here is his collection, enjoy!

Mood/light display

I Would be GREAT if you can contribute to this segment by sending me your collection pictures at:


  1. Sorry about that ^^^ what I meant to say was, that is a nice collection & the mood lighting is really cool. I can't post my collection as I still havn't taken any pics of it but as soon as I do I know where I'll post them. Great site, by the way.

  2. LOL your, feels weird talking to rebel scum people on my blog! LOL!

    Please do share with me when you have got your pictures!

  3. Y O U A R E S H I T A S S H O L E