Saturday, June 13, 2009

SL: New Facial Sculpt for ARC

The whole of last week was all about the clone wars!

Well here is something new from the Saga Legends, it’s an ARC trooper, I heard that this ARC Trooper comes with Clone Commando, however I have yet to receive that. Therefore here is look at the figure:

My Comments on this figure:

1)Comes with a New Gadget – Scanner/ Communicator
2)New Facial Sculpt
3)New Color Scheme

1)Still share the same body & articulation as the pervious Arc’s
2)The Westar-M15 blaster riffle comes in a really bad color scheme. (still prefer the blaster rifle of the SL Version)

Well let you guys, know when I get a more details on this figure, well here is a first look of the new ARC Trooper:

For my previous review on SL ARC click here:

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