Thursday, June 4, 2009

News & Updates: First look at this Year NEW SL & CW Packaging!

Finally got to snap some pictures of the latest Clone wars packing:

Images of the new packaging shown below are from the Saga Legends & Clone Wars!

Its Truly a pity we wont be seeing this in Malaysia (or not anytime soon) some of you local collectors know that Hasbro Malaysia has currently STOP the distribution of the Clone Wars action figure Series for about two months already.

Therefore we are currently stuck at Wave 4 & 5...when other countries already have till like wave 8...

Rumor has it (from Local toys shops), that Hasbro Malaysia are focusing all their efforts on Transformers & G.I.JOE! As the movies is coming out soon...and also due to bad/low sales..

Hasbro Malaysia must not forget that in FALL, the second session of the Clone Wars would be there's going to be a lot of catching up to do for them.

THESE ARE DARK TIMES for us local collectors, however do not fear! As I am working on a plan to get us the latest waves for us!

So don’t stop collecting & truly MAY THE FORCE BE WITH US!

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