Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Room I Like: New Glass Display's

Ever get that slight tingling feeling each time you walk into a Toy Shop?

Taking in the sight of all those toys and the only one word that keeps repeating in your head is BUY BUY BUY! Like a broken record player?

Well I sure do feel that way and I bet you collectors & hobbyist would feel the same too.

Therefore this JUNE I decided I will do just THAT! A TOY SHOP ROOM I MUST HAVE! And it’s my Birthday Present to myself. (Reader mind: psycho…..echoing)

Let’s Start….

Firstly need to find an expert on installation and not demolitions, because if I were to do all this on my own, I would be just that!

So after much searching I found aka “Ah Choy”, my mother plumber….LOLZ! (Good Man, Force strong with this one!)

This is the first display sleeves above my TV, for my 12inch figures
(which still have not arrive!)

Sleeves are 4ft long.

Had a few figure to test the display.

Wanted to do more sleeves here, however he advise me against it, as my bed is directly below it.

6 Ft Glass Display

Now for the main display, which consist of 5ft long glass sleeves (all 6 inch width), to display my unopened figures. For this display i had to move out my wardrobe.

Ah Choy Testing the stability of the glass sleeves.

let's get my Legion out their boxes, at this point i really couldn't believe i am finally seeing them out of this box.

And here it is! however i only manage to fit one box of my collection, mean i need more sleeves!

All my figures are wrap in a clear plastic, before putting them up on display, to maintain 100% of its original state!

My Favorite 4 figures

The ROTS Figures were the first few figures that got me started on this mad journey.

My AT-TE Glass Display:

Got this idea for a local collector, used a 4ft fish aquarium & made a custom cover with pegs to hold the cover in place.

Place this below my 6ft Glass Display, will use the top to place small Star fighters!

Use Masking Tape to cover the Styrofoam supporting the whole Aquarium.

AT-TE Stay comfortably inside with the AT-TE Support Squad

A V-19 Star fighter resting on the top, will open more vehicles this weekend

After Looking at all those picture's i know your thinking "Now how much does all this cost?"

Well Here's the breakdown:

Glass Sleeves

- 4ft Sleeves: RM 10 each

- 6 ft Sleeves: RM 20 each

Glass Maker Contact: 012-2549 496 (Mr Ngo)

Glass Bracket & Holders

- 6 inch Glass Brackets: RM 2.40 a each (all my display use this size, as its the smallest)

- 4ft Upright Glass Bracket Holder: RM 5.20 each

- 6ft Upright Glass Bracket Holder: RM 8.20 each

Contact: Tel: 61568713, 61569072. (IVY TAN)


- installation for all the sleeves: RM 150

Contact: 017 - 3163 0671 (Ah Choy)

Aquarium Shop

- Fish Tank 4ft: RM 70

- Custom Cover: Rm 15

Contact: 016 -2750 252 (Eight Aquarium)

In Total i spend about RM 450 for all of the above Display.

For my previous updates on my room, please click below:

Most people wonder or asked why? i do all this?

Form having a bedroom that looks like a Toyshop or spend countless hours on this Blog doing review which have no perks in return.

The answer simple cause i "BELIEVE"

So Support The Troopers! Keep Collecting & May The Force Be With You!


  1. I extracted this from some website only to find out that this blogger is a girl?? One stated: "I've been trying to load this site for over an hour now on my iPhone and I keep getting the 'Server not found' error, did Hasbro shut "HER" down already?"

    Such a sci-fi fanatic this female SHE is

  2. what do you mean?

    and if your referring to website, you mean ""

    and the only one "which" has that comment is "DUKE" of Michigan right?
    stating: I've been trying to load this site for over an hour now on my iPhone and I keep getting the 'Server not found' error, did Hasbro shut her down already?

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