Thursday, July 30, 2009

What's New: The Clone Wars 09 Figures are in!

Great News Guys! (for Malaysian)

The Clone Wars 09 Figures are in! found this at TRU in One Utama, they just open 2 boxes this morning, half already seems to be bought!

So quickly head down there after work and get them!

The TRU in Tropicana City didn't have the Figures however had the new vehicles !
Out of the Butch the Clone Tank is a must get! and they come with "Diorama"

Here are my reviews if you need the second opinion:


ARF Trooper:

Admiral Yularen:

Yoda (full articulated)

Commando Droid:

For more used the "Search This Blog" for more reviews.

Good Hunting Guys!

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  1. where do u live because the prices of the figures seem so high