Thursday, July 9, 2009

Collectors I Like: LORD TAN

Here's this Friday Contribution! By LORD TAN

From The contributor:
"Here's my contribution to this Friday segment in your awesome blog. I like your reviews, plus being Malaysian it helps a lot for Malaysians :P

I started my collection (if you could call it that) end of last year. I mainly collect troopers as you can see; I got very attached to the Star Wars clones after reading the Clone Commando novel series. You should read the series if you haven't; it is just so amazing! Who cares about Luke Skywalker or someone else? The lives of clones are so touching and sad. The series really gives you an insight on how the troopers go through with their lives.

(SPOILER: A Jedi falls in love with a Commando :D)"

Here's his hamble Collection:

It Would be GREAT if you can contribute to this segment by sending me your collection pictures at: or

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