Sunday, July 5, 2009

CW:Heavy Assault Battle Droid

In this Constant war against against the Republic....The Trade Federation have invest money & research in creating droids, which have tougher armor,more agility and smarter then the basic B1 Battle Droids.

And here we have the latest the HEAVY ASSAULT B2 Super Battle Droid, some consider them to have the rank of Lieutenant or Captain. (as in CW Episode 8, the B1 Battle Droid refer to them as "BOSS".)

A Super Battle Droid is much harder to kill because it has harder armor to deflect laser fire (protective body case & built-in double-laser blaster)and once its set on a target it would not stop till "IT" has be eliminate!

The Difference between this B2 Heavy Assault Battle droid from the standard Battle Super Battle Droids are:
1) Yellow Marking on the Left Arm Shoulder Pad. (clearly visible)
2) Comes with a Missile/Rocket Launcher in the Left Arm, thus the name heavy assault.

Weapons and Accessories:
- Left Arm equipped with Working missile launcher
- 1X Missile



- Paint Job: overall has nice finishing & weathering.
- Missile Launcher, exactly as seen in the series.

- Wobbly & weak legs, thus making it hard to stand and pose. (should have a wider foot base, to give proportion to its body)
- Eye should be "white" color as seen in the series.

My Verdict.

An Overall good figure to purchase!
Having said this, this figure would be perfect with a "WIDER Foot Base" like the CW or the ROTS versions, as with a wider foot base, it give more proportion to bulking upper body.
I just think that the missile should be shorter and not STICKING OUT of the end of the launcher, if i could made that way, then it would be great!

Always had a soft spot for animated series droids compare to the Movie versions, especially this super battle droids.

Rating: 8/10

Price: RM 40

Toyshop: E Bay

Seller: Unlimited8899

E-Bay Seller Store:

What it says on the back of the box:

Overall view of Figure in the Card:

A Compare Between A Super Battle Droid & A Heavy Assault Version



360 view:

Random Pictures

Had to lean them against the background, as both of them cant stand properly.....

KEEP Collecting & May The Force Be With You!


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