Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What's New: Battle Packs!

Found this in the shop, this items are not on sale yet, however its funny to see them still in 08 CW Packaging.

As this is not mine, the best i could give you are close up of the products.

Battle Pack: Ambush on the Vulture's Claw

Here's a battle pack which resembles a scene from the CW episode: DOWN FALL OF A DROID, the BP come with:

1) Anakin Skywalker (with removable ponchos)
Ahsoka Tano (with removable ponchos)
Gha Nachkt
4) IG-86 Assassin Droid

I feel the only thing which is missing from this BP is R3 Goldie, as it activated the Assassin Droids which attacked Anakin & Ahsoka.

1) Gha Nachkt - the captain/operator of the shady scavenger ship (still unclear if this coming out single carded)
2) Anakin & Ahsoka - comes with removable ponchos

Battle Pack: Genosis Assult

Here a BP depicts a scene from the SW movie"The Clone Wars", BP come;s with:
1) 2X Clone pilots
2) Gunship's "Bubble Turret Cannon Spheres"

I personally find this BP looks really sad....only two troopes & turret Spheres...they should at least give the pilot a new/better paint job.

1) Bubble Turret Cannon Spheres - can be attached to the Gunship.

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