Friday, July 3, 2009

Collectors I Like: Mywii & Clarice

Its an every Friday event, whereby i will showcase SW collection from other collectors on my Blog.

Because this week submission are rather short, i have combine both collection in one post! (save cyber space)

Okay First up we have...

Mywii from Malaysia

He mainly collects 12"inch figures, according to him he started collecting this above 2 years back.

And here they are, most impressive! (FYI a 12 inch figures cost between RM 350 - 480 here)

Clarice Laguado from the Philippines

She wrote into me with this collection to share!

Here Colloction comes from a local fast food chain called " Jollibee", their local fast food chain in the Philippines.

According to here its "Like free toys in McDonald's when you buy a Happy Meal."

This Collection were release last Summer of 2006. These are not just simple toys because
1) c3p0 has notepads

2)Master Yoda can also functions as a meter tape

3)Obi-Wan Kenobi is a pencil sharpener

4) Darth Vader has a pen. Darth Vader has a lightsaber that really lights up when the pen is taken away from it's body! (nice)

About the Collector:
My first Star Wars collection begun way back 2002, the same year when Attack Of The Clones was released. I collected every Star Wars clippings I can get from newspapers, I even got the issue of Vanity Fair February 2005 Cover framed and displayed it on my room. Back in 2005, I collected those free toys from Jollibee. Now, I'm currently using two Star Wars keychains; one is Darth Vader and the other one is c3p0. My older brother influenced me a lot about The Force.

Although they are from a fast food chain, they look pretty detailed, its small collection! however we all have to start somewhere eh?

she apologizes for the pictures, as its taken from her camera phone and here its is:

Very nice background view! =P

I Would be GREAT if you can contribute to this segment by sending me your collection pictures at:

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