Friday, July 24, 2009

What's New: Latest Sightings at TRU !

Here's the latest sightings intercepted by Ng in TRU subang!

Maybe its worth checking it out this weekend? I called TRU customers service yesterday apparently they have new CW toys coming in, hopefully its the new waves! Figure cross...

What's new, BARC speeder with 501st trooper & mini droid tank with battle droid. (some picture of the BARC Speeder bike if you need the opinion:

ARC -170 Fighter! (imperial version)

Check out the ARC pricing....its RM 249.90.... the CW wars version was only RM199.90!(and i thought it was over price) The pricing is going up crazy man....and they are complaining they have low sales! do they think our troopers grow money plants at home!

You would need Jedi mind tracks to convince a customer to buy this!


  1. What the ...! RM 250 is CRAZY! Glad I got mine when ROTS came out 4 years ago...

    By the way - TRU in Midvalley and KLCC also stocked with the same things - vehicles, deluxe, new clone wars and saga legends basic figures...

  2. 250 is crazy man! i heard from the assistants that the last stock was all sold out!

    How you know they have new arrivals>>? you came down?

  3. Got a friend to check the places out for me :P I'll be down sometime in August :)

    Also heard that Graffiti has the same things available...