Thursday, July 16, 2009

Collectors I Like: Roger Shah

Its FRIDAY! As a weekly Friday Affair! i will showcase the collection of Collectors i Like on this blog and this week we have:

Here's a little bit about about Roger Shah collection:

- started collecting 2 years ago, starting with various unleashed figures. They're not complete but I have almost all the significant characters from the saga!

- I also own several vehicle's such as millenium falcon, jedi starfighter, v-wing, y-wing, Tie fighter, tie interceptor.

- My favorite collectible is my Darth Vader Force Fx Lightsaber by Master Replica. (image at the top,nice!)

- I have some 3.75in figs like darth vader, obi-wan, clone and shock trooper.

- 3 sideshow 12inch fig. (han solo, Luke and anakin skywalker), Darth vader 17in statue( hasbro), General Grievous bust(Gentle Giant)

- I almost lost all of my collection when my place in bukit antarabangsa was declared a danger zone due to the landslide. Luckily, I managed to rescue all of them without any damage.

Rogers Vehicles:

Very Nicely outline!

Rogers Force Unleash Figures:

Rogers Slide Show Collectibles 12inch Figures:

IT Would be GREAT if you can contribute to this segment by sending me your collection pictures or video's at: or

Keep Collecting & May The Force Be With You!


  1. Nice collection Roger Shah!

    I SO want the unleashed Darth Maul figure, but almost impossible to find it now :P

    P.S. - Dennis, I see you have one too... No fair! :P

  2. LOL! yes i bought at RM 200 for four unleash figures! heehee i want to sell my plapatine if you want?

  3. Sorry dude, got Palpatine already :)

    Darth Maul remains to complete the unleashed collection I want. SOB SOB :P

  4. thanks guys, and dennis for showcasing my collection...

    as for the darth maul, it was very hard to find, but luckily I managed to get it at a cheaper price(very cheap).