Monday, July 13, 2009

What's New: Captain Argyus Pics Out!

Found this Picture on with reference to where the picture originated.

Its a first look at the actual figure of Captain Argyus, a Captain of the Senate commandos. When i first saw them in the CW Series Episode "Cloak of Darkness", immediately said i need to get them, as they look awesome....with helmets that are sculpt so closely to Greek solider.

However after looking at this pictures i am rather disappointed...

Hair Sculpt is a little high, thus helmet does stay in place and pushing it upwards (CW series picture to compare)

Facial rather Spot On, however paint job is too compare to the SW Series Ver.

Its simple figure for Hasbro to produce, with a standard body of a Clone Trooper, a New Facial Sculpt and with a removable or stick on Shoulder Deflecting Pad.

Mine's coming in about 1 to 2 weeks from now, cant wait to actually see the figure in my hands!

Share Your Thought's and if you agreed or don't agreed with me?


  1. You are getting yours in 1-2 weeks? It hasn't even been confirmed or released yet! :P

    This figure is supposed to be "officially" revealed at Comic Con on July 22-26...

    Good contacts you have, I see :D

  2. LOL SO THEY SAID...its not confirm hehe will see how.