Sunday, July 12, 2009

SL: Comic Pack Wave 6 (First Look)

Here’s the latest SAGA LEGENDS Comic Packs, which brings to life the characters from both MARVEL & DARK HORSE Comics.

To be honest, I am not very familiar with the charters and detailing & accessories that comes with these figures.

Therefore, I would not give my detailed review on these figures; however will provided you with PICTURES of this full body and also close up shot of their detailing, so you be the judge of the figures! Moreover a pictures say a thousand words anyway?eh?

Got to give it to Hasbro! For the SPOT ON details & terrific accessories that this figures comes with!

Luke Skywalker and Deena Shan

Comic Reference:

Deena Shan

Absolutely love the Rebel Logo, in-printed on to their stealth Armour

Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker and Lumiya (Dark Lady of the Sith)

Comic Reference:

Lumiya (Dark Lady of the Sith)

Very nice wipe

Cause the legs are spread apart quite widely, its really hard to get Her to stand or pose (Oh God it read so wrongly, but you get what i

Luke Skywalker

Kyle Katarn and Yuuzhan Vong

Comic reference:

Kyle Katarn

Nice Blaster Pistol

Yuuzhan Vong

Darth Krayt and Imperial Knight Sigel Dare

Comic reference:

Darth Krayt

Most website would pose him with twin saber, however if you look carefully at this right hand(wide open), thus making it impossible to place a Light Saber in its hand...

Imperial Knight Sigel Dare

This is by FAR the best light saber i have ever seen, no?
white light saber comes standard with all imperial Knights.

Cape does not fit properly

Ki-Adi Mundi and Sharad Hett

Sorry i missing the hat for Mundi, it has yet to arrive...

Ki-Adi Mundi

Sharad Hett

Darth Vader and Rebel Fleet Trooper

Darth Vader

Rebel Fleet Trooper

*Comic illustrations are with reference to their publish houses (Dark Horse & Marvel)*

Figures Courtesy of
unlimited889, who is kind enough to provide me with this figure for my Blog! and is the only toyshop owner who believes truly believes in my work!

if your interested in this figure, i could be yours in just 7 days! You buy them here:

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  1. Impressive catch for one weekend!

    Did you get them boxed or loose? It must have cost you a small fortune if you purchased them all mint-on-card :)

  2. i got them loose, if i got them boxed, i would have shown the boxes and the comic! =)

    if for purchasing this...a small price to pay..have to keep this blog going eh?

    or untill HASBRO offers me a job!(Hasbro,if you reading this, THANK YOU in advance!)

  3. If you are gonna open the figures anyway, I think it's wiser to purchase them loose especially if they are in good condition. That way we can afford a larger collection :)

    And please keep the blog going - i think you are the one of the only few in Malaysia doing it. There are quite a lot of SW collectors in Malaysia but all are hiding from order 66 for some reason :P

  4. i was not always an opener, till i started the

    Will keep this blog going till otherwise...are there many SW collectors here? does seem to feel that way..they really seem to be in hiding from order 66 LOL