Friday, July 17, 2009

Whats New: Latest Scout Sighthings from NG!

Here the latest sighting from NG our head of "Intel Department!" heeehe

Sighting of Deluxe Vehicles at Carrefour Subang (can you believe it Carrefour selling SW toys!), i did this review last month for these vehicles, according to Ng this vehicles are priced RM 69.90 each. (very reasonable pricing if you ask me!)

TRU Subang: restock of Wave 4 & 5 Figures and 09 Saga Legends Figures! (basically TRU 1 utama, Tropicana City & Subang Parade all have new shipment of CW & SL figures, so check it out this weekend!)

Restocks of Magna Guard! Nice! guys this is truly worth getting, really nice finishing & reasonably articualted!

Some of the Toys which Ng has picked up! his a big G.I.JOE Fan! and Knowing is half the battle eh?
Sinned to NG: one of them, Magna Guards better be MINE!

Again Thank You NG ! for this great picture of the sighting of the latest SL & SW Figures!

Guys, you can snap some pictures and let me know if there anything interesting in Toy shops around Malaysia! Or TOYSHOP if your reading this! (i know you are), you can let me of your latest arrives and pricing!

You can send me the pictures or video at or

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  1. Sir, yes sir! :P

    TRUs in Penang (Queensbay and Gurney Plaza) have not been updated in months.

    Turbo Tank and new TCW vehicles available at Toonshoppe in 1-Stop Midlands. Turbo Tank costs RM 500!