Thursday, July 30, 2009

Upcoming Review On Starwars I Like!

Its been SDCC (San Diego Comic - Con) Crazy this last few days, as it was the 40th Comic Con! (it was held from 22-25 July)

Who could blame? There are some many things to see!! pity i couldn't be there...and could only look at the pictures of the upcoming figures for Saga Legends & Clone Wars.

Well Thank the Dark Lord that i just receive the latest Figures from the upcoming Clone wars line! it was like Christmas come early!Oh & Thank you Hasbro for making these figures!

And here's a look at the sneak preview of the figures, reviews with more details & pictures coming soon!

Ambush at Abregado (BP): Sinker and Boost
(BP also comes with Plo Koon & Space BD)

Assault On Ryloth (BP): Boil & Waxer
(Pack also comes with Windu & Cody)

. CW-37: Ziro's Assassin Droid

CW-30 Luminara Undul

CW-31: Captain Argyus

Battle Pack: Mace Windu (with Clean Armor)

CW- 32: Commander Thire

AAT-Driver Battle Droid

CW-36: Clone Gunner Revised

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1 comment:

  1. Hey Dennis,

    What an awesome catch! Some of them look really nice, especialy the clones with different face sculpts...

    It's unfortunate I had to stop collecting the Clone Wars Line for now - waiting for the new Legacy figures to arrive...