Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Whats New: Latest TRU Acquisition

Here the latest Acquisition...from TRU

Actually i only wanted to get only one, due to budget issues....sobs

So i look to Forums & Youtube reviews for an "ANSWER"

And they all said the same thing, these Vehicle are "AWESOME"!

So i was like at the store, just grab both and didn't wanted to think about it.

They are priced at RM 99.90 each! ( both cost: 199.80)

Here are the pics:

Imaging the day when starwars i like is printed on TRU bag..SWEET !

Let me know guys, if you see anymore new SW figures & vehicles!


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  2. Nice additions to your vehicle collection. Looks like somebody is going to be broke this month :)

  3. yes very man.. in the US..its only $2o plus each....that exchange sure is a killer !