Sunday, July 26, 2009

SL: HK-47 (Assassin Droid)

Here we have Assassin Droid HK-47, he was built by Darth Raven in the Old Republic days to assassinated enemies & defectors to which threaten Raven Position in the Order.

He Travel along side Raven in countless mission until the end...and went from master to master...

According to the achieves his system settings/programming made in enjoy bloodshed in the hunts & the killing!

he brand his targets/lifeforms "Meat Bags", thus his Quote "It is my primary function to burn holes through meat bags that you wish removed from the galaxy... Master."

With a profile like this, Serious not a droid to messy with.....

This figure is part of the "droid factory" collection, BUILD A DROID!

You have have to purchase the following in-order to get him as a whole.

1) Obi Wan
2) Beru Whitesun
3) Owen Lars
4) Captain Typho
5) Anakin Concept
6) Tarados Gon
7) Anakin (Jedi Hero)
8) Jango Fett
9) Clone Pilot
10) Arc Trooper (blue)


A Closer view of the joints:

Swivel Neck Ball Jointed Torso in action!

Weapons & Accessories:
- Blaster Rifle

360 view of HK-47 full view:

360 view of 4A-7 facial sculpt:

absolutely love the silver finishing!

My Comments:

- Over design SPOT ON! close to the concept art (image shown below)

- Color and weathering its just beautiful....(its a lot redder/orange, don't know why each time when i upload pics to the blog, the color runs a little)

Image with reference to Google Search:

- One coloring of the blaster riffle! lacks the coloring & detailing (blaster looks like something for a G.I.JOE figure) to match such a nice & detailed droid.

- Articulation could be better! a "ball hinged" wrist should be given.

My Verdict:

LOVE It, very nicely done! in-fact his upgrade HK-50 is nicer with black & silver finishing.

The one color blaster was a real turn off to the figure, they should have just added a little more color to match this awesome figure!

Articulation could be improve! hopefully the upgrades get them, a ball hinged wrist could do wonders, thus giving it more poses with its blaster rifle.

Overall a great figure to pick up!

However getting it, may be the biggest problem as you need to collect all them figure in the wave to complete him! Thus the word "Build a droid"

Dam You Marketers and your Evil Marketing scheme's!

or you get a completed one on e-bay! but it comes with a cost!

Rating: 9/10

Toyshop: various shops!

My Random Pictures:


  1. Very nice figure!

    How much did this cost you? If you have contacts that can sell it for a reasonable price, I'm very interested :)

  2. YEAH really like this droid! trashes the Commando droid from the CW..

    will let you know when if i have extra!

    hey Hasbro sales this weekend!

  3. Ok, thanks :)

    Hasbro sales is a good thing - trouble is, there's nothing in Penang to buy :P

    But now I need to start saving for all the new waves coming soon...

    I really don't understand Hasbro. They say the Legacy Collection is struggling, yet they make that the series with the most figures!

  4. its mainly struggling in asian countries, as most collectors here like Troopers, where else in western countries they like the funny looking characters...

    let me know if decided to swing by kl this weekend for the sales..hear its good from the other collectors... maybe will get to snap a few pics for you if you miss out!

  5. I wish I could come down to KL this weekend, but I'm meeting up with some friends in Langkawi instead :P

    As for sales, the figures I need are yet to come to Malaysia through Hasbro ;) It's from the 2009 BD waves.

    But Langkawi is not going to help with my savings account :p :P :P