Saturday, July 18, 2009

SL: Super Battle Droid (Roth Del Masona & SBD-Pack)

Here some pictures of the latest Super Battle Droid, which is actually the Cortosis SBD from the Anakin/SBD 2-pack that'll be exclusive to Walmart in the DROIDFACTORY series II. (thanks Jayson for the info, dam Walmart seems to be getting all the Exlcusives...)

One thing to note, compare to the CW SBD the movie version have better articulation & larger Foot Base thus making it standing very stable, however i still like the design of the CW SBD!

Got this Droid about a month back, haven got to the time to put it yet..

Well here are the pictures:

Side View


  1. Hey Dennis,

    Your supplier is amazing to be able to get the pre-released figures in so quickly!

    Any word on the Battlefront 2 Clone Pack figures?

  2. My Supplier the best! That why we are great working together!

    currently i can get you some figures for the BF 2 pack, which are the engineer and the jet pack troopers...

    Suppose to get some new stock these week, but delay in next week only... can see new figures..

    however i will be in Jakarta next for 4 days...

  3. That is actually the Cortosis SBD from the Anakin/SBD 2-pack that'll be exclusive to Walmart in the DROIDFACTORY series II.

    Jayson from Yakface

  4. Dear Jedijaybird,

    Thanks for the clarification :)

    Dear Dennis,

    Thanks for the update - we can keep in touch re the figures via gmail...

    P.S. - Too bad MU is not going to Indonesia now :P

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  6. Thanks Jayson for the Clarification! will change the post!

  7. Those are no super battle droids, those are the Cortosis produced by the Techno Union.

    "The C-B3 cortosis battle droid was a battle droid similar in design to the B2 super battle droid. The C-B3 was developed by the Techno Union to specifically combat Jedi during the Clone Wars. Their outer shell was made out of cortosis, a substance that could block lightsaber attacks. The black outer shell was clamped to the droids' frame in formfitting plates. The droids also had the same intelligence matrix as the similar B2 battle droid, however, they lacked the gripping hands of the B2 battle droid, since their arms ended in double high-intensity laser cannons. The ball joint of the wrist allowed the cannons to swivel in almost any direction. The droids could also use their arms to block lightsaber blades.

    There was one weakness to lightsabers in the droids' armor, discovered by Anakin Skywalker. A very precise overhead slash with a lightsaber targeting the small gap between the two breastplates would slice a cortosis droid's torso in half."-

    These are no ordinary battle droids.