Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What's New: 09 Packaging SL Figures are IN!


The 09 packaging Saga Legends figures are out in TRU!!!! (at 1 utama) (TRU= Toy R US)

I however found out about this at The Outpost in Cineleisure, as i was there for a meeting and decided to drop by and to my surprise there it was 09 Packaging SL Figures!

Then yesterday i called the TRU hot line, but they told me that it was not in stock yet...(not much of a help for a helpline..)

Thank God, i didn't believe them and decided to head over there after work and...

There it was in stock! about 4 peg lines full of new SL figures! (Ng a SW fans which know the ppl at TRU, told me that they ordered about 3 boxes of SL figure)

At both the Outpost & TRU 1 Utama i bought the Sandtrooper, as seen below. after constantly getting my stuff of e-bay i truly felt the pain when purchasing this figures at retail for RM 39.90...ouch!

Other items which are worth the mention are:
1) 501st Trooper SL (2 more only)
2) Fully Articulated Clone trooper (CW & ROTS Movie)
3) Magna Fighter - RM 99.90
4) Vulture Driod - RM 99.90


  1. Hasbro Malaysia brings this wave in but leaves out TLC's Hoth and AOTC waves? SIGH...

  2. Well...we cant have them all !!!

  3. But those are the ones I want! :P They just better bring in those evolutions packs you managed to buy...