Friday, July 17, 2009

A Featured Fan Film by Brady Hales

One day...

a Galaxy Far Far Away...

I receive a video by Brady Hales from the U.S!

She feels that Something all you SW fans would love!

About Brady Hales:

The Closet Unleashed was my first project, and I chose to do it because the idea of action figures coming to life was intriguing to me. I've been an avid Star Wars toy collector for years, and a follower of

I was bit by the film bug, and I wanted to experiment with stop-motion animation, special effects work, sound design, working with actors, and the whole filmmaking process from idea to script, storyboard to screen. The Closet Unleashed gave me the chance to do all of those things, and I learned so much!

I was surprised and delighted to have been selected by for this years Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge. Looking back, I wish I had the sense to cut it down to about 3 minutes to make it more appropriate for an internet audience. I believe an internet audience doesn't want to sit through a 6 minute film like people sitting in front of their TV or in a theater would. Nonetheless, it was a blast, and I'm excited for my next project!

Here's a look at her: "fan film" she did of Clone pilots who are trying to escape the collection I have.

It became a finalist in this years Fan Film Challenge, and youToy collectors will definitely like it.

Star Wars: The Closet Unleashed

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  1. posted this on with a linkback to your site : )

  2. No Worries dude by all means ! thanks!

  3. Dear Brady,

    Awesome video :D Congrats on the nomination! All the best on July 27 at Comic Con. Wish I could be there :P

  4. i wish i could be there too.....i really want to get the "Stormtrooper Commander!"

  5. Your supplier should have no problem bringing both the Comic-Con exclusives in, right? ;)

    Stormtrooper Commander is awesome. Smiling Luke looks......

    One set reserved for me! :)