Monday, July 20, 2009

CW Vehicle: V-19 Torrent Star Fighter

V-19 Torrent Star Fighters are the assault fighters which are light, fast & deadly and used by the Gelactic Republic.

They mainly dock with Republic Cruiser and act as
assault, defense & escort fighters!

In the clone wars series, we see more of them in action and are constenty led by Anakin Skywalker
I first saw these fighter in the two part Cartoon Network CW bridging story, at the Battle of Muuilinst. (image show below) which really got me excited on getting this Starfighter!

Its Been a while since i reviewed CW/SW vehicles (the last was the AT-TE, look it up on the google sreach), since my new display are up, i can open more of them, as they do take up a lot more space!

Highlights of this vehicle:

1) Rotating AirFoils (wings) both left & right.

2) Slide Center AirFoils goes from top to bottom, depending on landing or flying mode!

3) Firing Blaster Cannons (OH WOW, does shot a decent range)

4) Retractable Landing Gear Let's take a look on how to put this fighter together!

What's What!:
Step 1:

Un-box the vehicle (duh? LOL, readers mind going "pyscho")

Step 2:

Plug in the trusters/turbine:

Step 3:

Fix on both airfoils (left & right)

With its done, it should look like this! (note the wings angle)

Step 4:

Then Snap on the center air foil: (not the joints, which i have highlighted)

Step 5:

Place in the missile gentle (who knows when it might go or BOOM!)

Step 6:

Test the landing gear, before any landing attempts (this should already be in-place):

FINALLY YOU HAVE YOUR very own V-19 Starfighter! Go on Blast them Droid Fighters!

Okay, here's what i think about this Starfighter:


- Good Work on all airfoils, bends really nicely! (just wish it had that "tuck, tuck" sound upon bending)

- Nice Cockpit, detail pilot chair.

- Great that it come's with retractable landing gear!


- Rather plain color, why can't they make them like the front cover of the box! sobss

My Verdict

Those that don't follow the CW TV series religiously wont really find this fighter interesting, cause by watching this starfighter in action that really plays a big part in creating that "want" for you to buy this or any toy for that matter.

Overall a decent starfighter to collect or display, as for the sucky paint job its my main let down for this vehicle! However this could be save by drawing the outlines, with a marker pen! to enhance the look of this fighter. (will post up mine, when its done)

Rating: 7/10

Toyshop: Graffiti Toys Selling Price: RM90.00 (early this year)

Please find below the Pictures (please click on them to enlarge):
In The Box:

A Closer Look!

Clone Pilot Odd Ball with the V-19 !

Fits Nicely inside

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  1. RM 90 is a reasonable price for this - RM 199.90 for the V-Wing is NOT! :P

  2. YEAH MAN! REALLY EXPENSIVE! just cause they stuck a figure with it!

  3. I just bought the 2009 CW V-19 starfighter from Grafitti Toys for RM90..even though it was being retailed for RM99...very good bargain lah...I just love the cockpit detail especially the control stick..really cool lah..