Friday, July 24, 2009

CW: 4A-7

In the CW movies, 4A-7 was stationed at the B'omarr Monastery on the planet Teth, along side Asajj Venteress with her battle dorids that capture the Jabba Son.

When Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano and thier clone troopers enter the Monastery, 4A-7 was found! and he claim that he was the caretaker there and was caputure by the Battle droids.

Through the bug eyes...

After the Jedi recovered the Huttlet, 4A-7 recorded a "Holocam" which made it seem that the Republic was kidnapping Jabba Son and this holocam recording was then relay to Count Dooku and shown to Jabba. (thus the hologram projection, given in this pack)

Well to cut it short, as both Anaking & Ahsoka were fleeing Teth, they spotted a hanger and found 4A-7 at the spaceship "Twilight" planning his escape, which he was then decapitated by Tano cause of his link to the Confederacy.

Finally Hasbro decided to produce this figure, which is farely easy for them as its uses the body of C-3PO and comes with its oversized head & them "Bug Eyes" appeartly containing surveillance equipment. (as seen in CW)

Here's a look at The Packaging:

GLITTERING EYES! (great joy!)

Notice the differents?

Weapons and Accessories:
- 1X E-5 Droid Blaster
- Hologram projection of Anakin, Ahsoka & Huttlet

360 view of 4A-7 facial sculpt:

360 view of 4A-7 full view:

My Comments:

- Hologram projection, nicely detailed

- Nice Eye Piece ( GLITTERING EYE's, oh WOW! which is removable btw)

- Not a big fan of the body, although it is well articulated.

My Verdict

Nothing Special strikes me when looking at this droid, as it just has a new head smack onto C3-Po body, even the paint scheme is similar.

Only the Hologram Projection add's some worth to this pack, as its nicely detailed.

and i cant understand why are 4A-7 given different pair of eye's and a golder color scheme for the "blue eyes"? like i have said, some consistency would be apprieted!

i personally wouldn't buy it, as i am not a big fans of protocol droids, this was offered to me at a reasonable price so i just got one for the display.

Rating: 5/10

Selling Price: RM 39.90 each

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