Wednesday, July 8, 2009

CW: Evolution: Clone Commando

As Clones this troopers may all look the same, however in SKILL very different are they!

This troopers are the ELITE of the Republic/Empire legions!

Here’s one of the latest Evolution Set Hasbro has to offer, it’s the Evolution set of Clone Commando’s, and this pack offers the following:

  • Alpha (ARC Trooper)

  • Fi Skirata (Republic Commando)

  • Storm Commando (Imperial Special Forces)
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Main Highlights of this Evo Pack is:

ARC Trooper:
- has a NEW facial Sculpt, Maroon Color Scheme & a has a NEW Communicator/scanner gadget

Republic Commando: - Comes with Ball Hinged Knees & Ankles, which allows more poses! Thank The Force!

Storm Commando: - Comes with an all NEW Helmet Sculpt

ARC Trooper: Alpha

Description: Accompanies Jedi's on countless mission & trains clones on Kamino

Weapons & Accessories:
1) 1X Westar-M15 blaster riffle

2) 1 X Scanner/Communicator

3) Removable: Helmet, Shoulder Pauldron & Attached Gauntlet and Kama


1) New Facial Sculpt
2) Torned Kama (like the comic pack ver)

1) Color scheme: seems to dull for my liking for both Figure & Blaster Riffle.

As part of this EVO Pack, i personally feel that ARC "Alpha" should have come with a better color scheme. Maybe cause i am really impressed by the ARC trooper from the Saga Legacy Collection.

Republic Commando: Fi Skirata
Description: Serves as a medic in Teroch & Omega Squad, he eases the tensions with his sense of humor.

Weapons & Accessories:
1) 1X DC-17 M Blaster
2) 1X Blaster Pistol on leg with working holster.
3) Removable Survival pack

DC-17 M Blaster


- Revised articulation, Ball Hinged Knees & Ankle
- Nice Paint Job (although figure having more blue, the purple base on the illustration)

- Should also have added articulation in the arm area.

To Compare:

With the added articualtion in the legs, it allows this figure to conduct more poses, which makes it Great compare to the previous version of Clone Commando's.

however having said this, Hasbro should have just added the remaining Ball hinged shoulders & wrist anyway to complete this figure's articulation.

Storm Commando (Imperial Special Forces)
This Commando receive special training to fight Rebel Alliance, also referred to as "Shadow Scouts' .

Weapons & Accessories
-2 X Advance Scout Blasters
-2 X Working Holsters


- Nice New Helmet Sculpt & working blaster holsters
- Love the Paint Job, very stealth indeed
- Great looking Leg armor however does not have the blaster holder like the original Imperial Scout.

- Could have better articulation

I personally feel it’s a great figure, nicely detailed & painted, however I doubt that everyone would like the new helmet sculpt.

Box Overview:

My Verdict:
Although they really could have given the ARC trooper a better pain scheme and complete the articulation on Republic Commando, as for the Imperial Storm Commando is either you like it or hate it?

I still LOVE IT....

A Pat on the back for Hasbro on the first Clone Commando Evolution Set made.

Rating: 8/10

ARC Trooper: Alpha

This facial sculpt i got is a little spoiled compared to the one i got of E-Bay, but it does a little edgy, no?

360 View

Clone Commando: FI SKIRATA

The Added Articulation to this Figure.(ball hinged knees & ankles)

A closer look

Without Survival Pack

Helmet Close Up, notice the lines?

A Closer Look at the Figure

Nice Detailing on the shoulder pad

360 view

Storm Commando (Imperial Special Forces)

A Closer Look

Does it look like Robo Cop From the back?

360 View

Ramdom Pictures:

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  1. Dude where can you buy this at?

  2. I bought one on Ebay! Well Brazil`s walmart don`t have Star Wars action figures!

  3. to me the best design having the first clone troops, like Cody or Rex, this to me the best suit and weapon design, by the way there something funny, contrary to normal events the design of the suit, weapon, ships and other stuff look better in the past than in the present, for example the imperial armor or the imperial destroyers.

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